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My Brother Filmed Me Fucking An Old Man

My Brother Watching Me FuckI dented my fucking brother’s Harley and the bastard thinks he can movie me fucking some old man to get revenge. I’ve always known my brother was a voyeur – he used to hide in the shower room closet when I was in the shower and my parent’s weren’t home. My parents never believed me when I complained – so I let the fucker do it. To let you know the truth, I got a little turned on when he would sneak up the stair and climax through the crack in the slightly open door and watch me masturbating. I’d turn just right so he could see the pink of my cunt as I slid my finger into my damp cunt. If I was quiet, I could hear him jerking off behind the door.

Well regardless, I was in the garage fucking my boyfriend on my brother’s Harley and we got a little wild and knocked the bike over right as I was about to cum. I would have been able to get away with it by blaming mother (she’s always hitting shit in the garage with her car) but my stupid fucking brother was watching us fuck from the loft in the garage. After the bike crashed to the ground, my boyfriend and I kept fucking but my brother came busting down the ladder from the loft screaming his fucking head off about his Harley, my boyfriend lost his erection. Hell, I know the bastard had been watching us but my boyfriend about shit.

To make a long story short, I owed my brother a few hundred bills for the dent in his bike and my stupid fucking boyfriend was so scared of my brother that he never came back. I had no job so when my brother drug me over to this old bastard’s house to make a porn video, I was kinda stuck. Even though I knew my brother had been watching me have sex for years, it was a little weird to have him right there filming me. Every time I’d start enjoying it, the stupid bastard would say something about his precious bike.

Well regardless, I fucked the old bastard and made my first amateur porn video – and my brother filmed it – I bet he masturbates to it every night.

I Fucked This Hairy Old bastard

Blond Teen Fucks Old Man

I like older hairy men and when this old man wanted to fuck me I thought “what the hell” and got right down to business. Sucking the old farts cock was a lot of fun cuz I could tell he was really enjoying it. I’ll bet this old man doesn’t get teen pussy very often and he tried real hard not to cum too soon but when I sat onto his old pecker, her just about blew his load of hot cum inside my tight teen pussy. I laughed ad I kept riding him – knowing how good it must feel to feel my warn cunt as he played with my firm teen breasts. Lucky old bastard got to funk my 18-year old pussy – bet you want to too…. I had a friend film it all so you should really check out the old-n-young porn and see how horny these old codgers get.