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Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Holie-marie

Mmm Holie-Marie – I fucking thought she was going to choke to death. That would just suck to have a dead chick in my yard – but as luck would have it, none of her gagging was fatal.

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Holie Marie Sucks Mr. Richard’s Cock

If you had been at my home that night, you would have sworn that someone was getting killed but relax, it was just Hoile-Marie gagging and screaming as I shoved my giant pecker in her mouth and super tight teenager coochy. You really should check out the full video!

Real Female Orgasm

There are only a few women that I know that cum as intensely as Violet but this teenager is a real cummer and she’s not at all shy about it. Some teens have clitoral orgasms, some have vaginal orgasms and a few even have anal orgasms but most like a little stimulation of the clit either way. In this clip Violet has a super strong vaginal orgasm as she rides a big boner. You can see the entire video with two separate camera angles of Violet cumming at Glass Mannequin – join today  and I’ll give you free access to two additional sites featuring Violet.

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Maxi Booty And Richard Nailder In Real Colorado Teenagers

Real Colorado Girl Maxi Booty is still real new to smut and this was her first outdoor shoot. This is pretty prime considering how much this Colorado teenager likes to fuck in front of the camera. And Maxi has nothing against fucking older men – in fact, this eighteen year old hussy from Colorado Springs doesn’t hesitate to get nekkid, suck the old man’s cock then fuck the old bastard until he fills her teenager cunt full of spunk. If you like creampie smut, this shoot won’t let you down – the camera guy almost got covered in spunk when Richard pulled his giant fucking cock out of her freshly filled snatch and the king-sized load of spunk dripped creampie style out f her cunt.

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Richard Nailder Undresses Maxi Booty

Of course, we’ve all watched vids of Maxi’s giant booty as she rides up and down on a cock but only members get to see the entire amateur smut movie you need to join Real Colorado Girls – do it today and we’ll throw in two additional sites featuring this sexy giant-assed teenager from Colorado Springs.

Maddy Marks Round Booty Fabulous Knockers And A Swollen Little Muff

Maddy Marks has one of the sexiest natural bodies that you are ever likely to see anywhere and to see this hot nineteen year old sucking meat or taking a fat meat deep in her puffy vagina is enough to drive any red-blooded man crazy. Imagine you are the old man playing with her fine natural tits, or spreading her ass cheeks and fingering her wet little beaver – or better yet, it’s your fat meat that this hot teenager is slobbering on before she decides to see if it will even fit in her super-tight and puffy teen beaver.

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Maddy Marks

That’s exactly what you can see as this hot teenager lets herself be filmed as she fucks the guy that lives down the street from her place. Maddy Marks is a little bimbo that loves to let you take charge and in this clip, she was the sub and Richard Nailder dominated the cute neighbor coed. First he spanked her fir teen ass then , after properly fingering her puffy teen beaver, he made sure that he licked her teen cunt long enough that it was nice and wet before he filled her teen cunt with his fat old meat.

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Spanking Maddy Marks

Of course, this hot teen wasn’t willing to let Richard force his meat into her – she preferred guiding his thick meat into her puffy beaver as she straddled him for the first time. Feeling herself being filled with such a huge meat made her wince in pain and this only turned Richard on more – making him hammer her tight little cunt even harder. Now Richard Nailder had fucked his share of teen muffins and he claims Maddy Marks has the best feeling puffy teen beaver he has ever had the pleasure of filling with his fat meat.

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Filling Maddy Mark’s puffy Pussy

Just looking at these amateur pictures on Glass Mannequin makes it obvious that this cute teen with the fine whopping natural tits was not not particularly enjoying having the old neighbor’s meat thrust into her little teen beaver and to be honest, that really turned me on. I had to wonder what makes a bimbo like this fuck a man over twice her age made me so horny that I had to see if this little harlot let the old fucker fill her with sperm or if he just shot a sticky load all over her fine teen tits.

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Maddy Marks Takes Richard Nailder’s Fat Cock

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Filming His Sister Having Sex

One of the nice things about my job is I get to meet all kinds of crazy people and it’s always nice when you get a brother that’s really excited about filming his sister having sex. Alex was pissed off at his sister, Cameron, because she let her cat in his room and her pussy ate his lizard (pun intended). Alex felt like his sister owed him something but there was no way to get his pet back but a few hundred dollars to replace the exotic lizard and a little payback would be nice. I also think the sick fucker has always harbored a secret sister fetish – but who knows.

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Alex gets to make a sister porno video

So Alex drug his sister to my place where I told her I’d help her pay her brother back – but she’s have to make her first sister porno shoot/ As soon as she agreed, I dropped the real payback bomb – I was going to let her little brother film me fucking her. She was pissed – he was ecstatic – he was going to film a real porno shoot, and making a porno shoot of his sister would be the unequaled payback. I did have to caution him that he wasn’t allowed to fuck his sister, that was my job.


Filming His Sister giving a blowjob

But I would allow him to get as many close-ups of his sister’s little cunt as he could manage while filming his sister having sex. He agreed and I got right to work fucking his sister. And he must have liked the look of my cock in his sister’s pussy because he was right there getting a shitload of closeup pics of his sister’s pussy as I fucked his sister.

His Sister's Pussy

His Sisters Pussy

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More Sister Porno – Leslie Stroup

Glass Mannequin Productions has been shooting sister porn since it launched Bring Me Your Sister two years ago. Leslie Stroup is the latest sister to fall victim to her brother’s evil plan – seems she moved up from Texas to stay with her brother after graduating high school and being away from mommy for the first time, she did what most coeds do – PARTY, PARTY, PARTY……   Of course, this was OK with her brother until he got in trouble with his landlord for noise complaints. Now he needed to come up with $600 coin for a security deposit of he was going to have to move. His only choice was to pimp his little sister out and have her make a porn so they wouldn’t loose the apartment.  John showed up at papa’s door on Saturday morning with his sister in tow.  Of course, he never told his sister that she would be making a porno shoot and he sure as hell didn’t tell her that he would be filming her fucking an older guy while she did it.

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Leslie Stroup

Just out of high school, John’s little sister had no clue what to do when put in such a situation – so she made the movie – despite her better judgment. At first it was a little awkward having her brother there as she screwed but she soon forgot that the pervert was there and started to enjoy having her vagina eaten by the old pervert. Obviously this wasn’t the first time John’s sister had been screwed by and older man.

John Films The Older Guy Eating His Sister's Pussy

John videos The Older Guy munching His Sister’s shaved Pussy

John did a awesome job of filming his sister in her first porno video – he was more than eager to get in her face and giver her hell but the little tramp didn’t miss a beat – she just kept on fucking as her brother watched her titties slapping back and forth as she rode the old man’s throbbing meat.

Papa Fucking His Sister As Her Brother Films

Papa Screwing His Sister As Her Brother Films

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