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Homie, You Can’t Shoot Your Sister Fucking

Part 2 of “bro, She’s Your Sister”

Josh figured if his dad could fuck his half-sister, he could make a smut staring his little sister…..  bro, that’s just wrong… and I fucking love the idea – but then again, I’m the sick old fucker that gets to fuck your little sister as you film it. Now guys, I like fucking coed snatch as much as the next guy so I put this add in the paper looking for brothers that are pissed off at their sisters, brothers that long for to see their little sisters grudge-fucked, brothers that long for to watch as I fuck their sisters, and I even let then film me fucking their sisters. Then I put the sister smut video clips on the internet at

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So when Josh showed up with his little sister Hannah, he had it in his mind that he was going to see his little sister getting fucked. In fact, I would even let him film his little sister fucking as long as he kept his little penis in his pants. bro, Hannah has one tight little cunt. I was amazed that she could take all my penis and even more amazed that the little cunt let me fuck her as hard as I did. His little sister kept whispering “harder, harder” as I hammered her tight little coed snatch. Her fucking brother had a hard-on the whole fucking time I was fucking his sister – sick bastard. I’m pretty sure he has already downloaded the entire DVD quality video from and is jerking off to it as I type this.

So all you sick fuckers that have errant sisters, hit me up and I”ll let you make a video of your own sister – as I grudge fuck the shit out of the little cunt. You can see all the Sister Porn video clips at Bring Me Your Sister in DVD quality so be sure to check them out today.

Froward Neighbor Coed – Hollie Marie

Hollie’s mom is always sending her over to the neighbors place to borrow things. What Hollie’s mom doesn’t know is that Hollie always gets a little something for herself from the old guy that lives next door. Now I’m not sure if it’s because Hollie is just a perverted teenager tart or if Hollie Marie likes to get screwed by an older man once in a while but I do know that this perverted teenager tart keeps sneaking around the neighborhood fuckin as many of the old guys as she can.  Lucky for us, one of them has a camera. You can see the shoot on Real Colorado Girls

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Nasty Neighbor Girl

Now I know that we all wish that the teenagers in our neighborhood were all as perverted as Hollie but at least you can watch some pretty good shoot of this perverted teenager tart sucking and fucking her neighbor. At only 19, Hollie isn’t used to being fucked by monster penises so it takes a little effort for her to get all of his pecker inside her petite teenager vagina but she winces and takes all of his pecker. You really will like the part where he’s fucking her hard and she’s flinching in pain every time he rams his throbbing pecker deep in her petite little cunt.  See the shoot here:  Real Colorado Girls – and get free access to two more exclusive amateur teenager smut sites.

Hollie Shows The Neighbor Her Pierced Teen Pussy

Amateur Hollie Marie Shows The Neighbor Her Shaved and Pierced teenager Pussy

Damn – I just looked back at her petite cunt with that piercing on her petite clit and the puffy little pussy lips. This girl was made for fucking. Add to that, the fact that Hollie has a pair of the firmest natural boobs that I have ever seen. I’m going to finish up here and wank to her shoot – and with any luck, she’ll move to my neighborhood ;-)

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Maddy Marks Puffy Cooder

I love a swollen muffy and it doesn’t matter if I’m stuffing it with a finger, a sextoy or my own fat cock – there’s nothing as sweet as the feel of a smoothly shaved teenage swollen pussy and 18-year-old Glass Mannequin Girl Maddy Marks has one of the sweetest swollen muffins I’ve ever tasted.

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Spanking Maddy’s swollen Pussy

Of course, what good is a swollen pussy if you can’t stuff it full with a fat cock? Spreading the teenage redhead’s ass-cheeks, I stuffed my cock as deep as possible and fucked her sweet little cunt as hard as I could. Now it’s not everyday that an old fucker like me gets to feel such a nice muffy from the inside so I had to be careful not to spunk too soon – after all, we needed enough film for you to wank to.

Stuffin The Muffin

Stuffin The Muffin

If you yearn for a cute coed to come back then you had better be able to make her happy and most of the misbehaving coeds I know love to have their cunt’s stuffed and their clits played with. In Maddy’s case, she has a very sensitive clitoris so spreading her swollen muffy lips, I made sure I gave it all the love it deserved.

Maddy Marks Puffy Muffy

Maddy Marks swollen Muffy

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Skinny Teen Sister – Kiri Lets Her Brother Flim Her

Teenage tramp Kiri Starr wrecked her brothers turntable and he wanted some revenge – and what better way to get even with your teenage sister than to make your own homemade sex scene of your sister while she fucks an old man. Lucky for us, her brother shared this amateur sister porno clip with us. Kiri’s brother took all the coochy closeups so enjoy – he sure did. In fact, I’m betting he kept a copy of his sister’s sex movie and watches it when he’s lonely. See more of this hot sister sex scene on Bring Me Your Sister

Nasty Sex With A Petite Tattooed Coed

I was reviewing all of the vids I’ve downloaded and this perverted sex scene from Real Colorado Girls is still one of my favorites. In this scene, Blaze Burnz, a perverted dwarf teenager with some exquisite tattoos is really enjoying being fucked. At just under 5? tall, it’s ideal that this tattooed teenager can take as much pecker as she does but in this amateur scene, she has no problem taking the fat pecker of her friend – rolling her little round ass in the air she lets her friend fuck her as hard as he can making her climax at last three times before taking a over-sized load of hot sticky sperm all over her tiny tattooed body.

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Blaze Burnz – dwarf Tattooed Teenager

I was able to grab a few screen-caps from this perverted sex scene so I’m including them here – enjoy.

petite tattooed girl getting fucked

Blaze Burnz With Her ass In The Air

The best part is this is a real amateur teen porno – no professional actors – just two people that obviously love to fuck having a superlative time as the cameras are rolling. In fact, most of the perverted sex scene on Real Colorado Girls are superlative – not because they have well-known pornstars but because they real babes having real sex.

Revenge’s A Mother Fucker

Kirstoff wanted retaliation…. seams his little sister has been fucking Kirstoff’s wife and now his wife is leaving the poor bastard for his misbehaving little sister. That’s why he answered my add in the local paper. Sure he’s pissed off – wouldn’t you be pissed of if your little sister was fucking someone you cared about? Even worse if your little sister was getting them to leave you for her. Well Kirstoff wasn’t going to take it any linger so he showed up at my door with his misbehaving little sister in tow and he wanted some retaliation. He wanted to see his little sister violated…….

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and the pervert wanted to shoot it too. Lucky for me, his little sister had a super terrific hard coed body and a sweet little cunt. Kirstoff hadn’t made many homemade clips before but he was willing to give it a try. Being real mad at the chick your filming is always a good motivation to get a few extra closeups of her cunt or to make sure you shoot her face as she winces in pain as a giant penis is rammed deep in her cunt. It’s even better if it’s your own sister that you’re filming…….. But – that’s the reason we let brothers shoot their sisters fucking on Bring Me Your Sister – the only site on the internet where you can shoot your own sister having sex.

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