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Athletic Coed Hottie

Most teenagers have nice hard-bodies and firm boobs but 18 year old Kate Kelemen has the grand athletic coed body. I first met Kate when her brother pimped her out in her first smut video. I then did one more hardcore coed videos of this hard-bodied athletic babe before she disappeared. Kate played basketball and volleyball in high school and was still playing for a local basketball team when she did this video. If you think she has a nice round booty, you should see her swollen cooder – and you can do that by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Athletic coed hottie – Kate

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Sabina Sweet Auditions

Sabina Sweet says she always wanted to do smut but she never imagined that her first smut film would be filmed by her brother. Even though her brother filmed her in her first smut, we actually met Sabina through one of our best models, the beautiful and very misbehaving Gracelynn Moans. Gracelynn was visiting friends and Sabina and her brother were there. She told them that should give us a call and the rest is history. But you all came here to see a few audition pictures, brought to you by Bring Me Your Sister, so here you go.

The shoot started well but poor little Sabina was real nervous. It didn’t help that her brother and I were teasing her every chance we got…. but all in good fun. Soon I had Sabina in her bra and thong – this was the first time that I realized how absolutely undamaged Sabina’s knockers are. I was starting to get excited ;-) .

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet teenager smut Audition

I also thought you might want to see a few smut audition galleries so here are the links: Sabina Sweet – New Sister Auditions, But My Brother’s Watching, Dude – Your Sister Has A tiny Little Cunt, and I Made Your Sister Suck The cum Off My Cock. Now remember, the only way we can bring the worlds best sister smut to our viewers is if a few of you join Bring Me Your Sister. do it today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two sites, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

But you came here to hear about Sabina’s teenager smut audition…  I soon had Sabina’s bra off and her undamaged 36 D’s wet exposed to me, her brother and the world for the first time. She looked over with a bit of apprehension as I fingered her wet little muffy through her thong and her brother filmed it all.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet teenager smut Audition

But this is supposed to be a Bring Me Your Sister hardcore shoot so skipping right past the ideal head photograph, here’s one of my favorite pictures of Sabina riding my erection. Poor little Sabina must not have been with very many men, or at least not many men with mammoth boners because she has one of the tightest little twats I’ve ever stuffed my fat erection into.  Join to download the full video.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition


Sabina Sweet teenager smut Audition

I love reverse cowgirl…  It lets one see the best parts of the woman and with a chick as sexy as Sabina,we all want to see those undamaged natural knockers, her sexy belly and her sweet little shaved muffy. It also lets the brother get real close to his sister’s muffy. In the film you can see the ideal angles her brother is getting in her first-ever smut film.  Join to download the full video.

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Sabina Sweet teenager smut Audition

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Maxi Booty Fucks A Friend – Part 3

Here’s the last and final set of the first homemade sex video clip the hard-bodied coed Maxi Booty ever made. Enjoy these free clips of this cute coed fucking and then sucking every drop of jizz from the dirty old man that got her started in smut.You can see the entire homemade clip on Glass Mannequin. Or just enjoy this shoot of Maxi riding the old man’s pecker reverse cowgirl as she  plays with her puffy teen clitoris.

Or if you prefer her butt in the air, spin her around put her firm titties in your face and slowly slide your pecker deep into the warm depths of her eagerly waiting teen pussy.  Grabbing her first-rate butt, slam your pecker as deep as you can as you watch her first-rate natural boobs bouncing in front of your face……..  No if that turns you on, imagine how good it must feel to the old bastard fucking her in these homemade movies – available only on

Of course, if you’re going to audition a babe as young and sexy as Maxi Booty for the smut business, you had better try more than one position so put the little cunt on her knees, grab her hips and slam your engorged pecker into her itty bitty cunt, feeling her perfectly formed teen booty slam against your pelvis as her wet little cunt pulsates on your puffy pecker.

But don’t jizz yet, it’s time to put this skinny teen flat on her back, with her first-rate pointy boobs pointing in the air like itty bitty mountains of whipped cream just waiting to be gobbled up and her beautiful wavy red hair spread out on the bed glistening in the sunlight. Sure, there are lots of other cute teens on Glass Mannequin but right now I have a hankering to see more of the super sexy teenage fuck floozy, Maxi Booty.

Now it’s time. Time for this misbehaving teenage fuckslut to get her first-ever on-camera facial so pull your pecker out or her wet cunt and spray a bit of jizz on her face themn make the little harlot suck the last few drops of jizz out of your quivering organ.  Now swallow cunt!  Join now to see it all.

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Three New Free Galleries Of Acasha Binito

I just put up three new free smut galleries of Acasha Binito in her 2nd smut movie ever. Acasha had stopped by to see her audition movie that we put on Bring Me Your Sister.  I started getting frisky with Acasha and she asked if I would video us – so I set up a few cameras and we re-staged her entrance and up to where I started playing with her ass – the rest is as it flowed – a bit unplanned but defiantly the best ass-massage movie I’ve ever seen and some pretty good fucking to boot. You can download the full movie on Glass Mannequin or check out the free galleries by clicking on the images.

The first gallery has three streaming scenes including some great cooch closeups – you can see that we set one of the cameras to display on the huge-screen and Acasha really enjoys watching herself.

Acasha Teases and I Set Up The Cameras xxxp oldny gnd booty massage shaved plts petite latina

Free smut Gallery 1 – Any Excuse To Fuck

In the second gallery, Acasha crawls up on my massage table and pokes her top-notch little ass in the air….  and what better thing to do to a top-notch little ass than massage it? Not only is this the best little ass I’ve ever seen, we got some of the best ass-massage movie ever. If you’re an ass-man, you are going to have to join and download the full video.

Perfect Little Ass

Free smut Gallery 2 – top-notch Little Ass

In the third gallery……. well, I proclaim how much I love watching (and fucking) Acasha Binito – yes this teen is awesome and can be anything she wants to be in the smut world. She has my admiration, my passion and she is so fucking much fun to work with.

I Love You Acasha Binito

Free smut Gallery 2 – I Love You Acasha Binito

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Brothers Shoot Their Sisters Fucking

Anistaija amateur skinny teen pussy shaved hcm xxxp gnd sisp oldnyFucking perverts!

There isn’t a week go by that I don’t get a call from some sick fucking brother that’s pissed off at his sister for fucking him over. It’s usually something stupid like the little cunt wrecked his wheels or she owes him cash. These sick bastards either read my add in the paper or found my website at but either way, they lust after to make a smut film with their sisters. Now I don’t mean they lust after to fuck their sisters, what I mean is the sick bastards lust after to shoot their sisters fucking – but I’m not altogether sure that some of them don’t lust after the first……..

When Ryan brought me his little sister Anistaija, he was pissed at her for some stupid fucking reason that I can’t even remember. He just wanted to see his sister get grudge-fucked! Now don’t go getting pissed at me for not remembering – after all, if you got to fuck Anistaija, would you care what the fuck the brother was pissed about? I sure as hell didn’t care – all I cared about was that this sick fucking brother was willing to make a “sister smut” film staring lucky old me and his cute teenage sister.

Now I’ve fucked a lot of guys sisters, but this little sister had the finest little sister twat I’ve ever had the pleasure of sliding my hard fucking schlong inside of. Sure she was a little shy, wouldn’t you be if your brother was filming you fuck? But she took it like a real lady and paid her debt with her brother.

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My Back Yard Adventure

Sure I love going to the club or chillin with friends but when I need a fat pecker with no drama I always head over to Richard Nailder’s place. Richard is the old man that lives just a few blocks from my place that got me started in porno and always has time to make a teenager feel special – so long as he gets to hammer her tight little cooch with his over-sized fat pecker. In fact, If the old bastard’s pecker was any bigger, I doubt I could take it all – but as it is, it fills me to the brim. making me cream every time he fucks my tiny little cooch. Maybe that’s why I let him keep filming us fucking…..

Maxi Booty - Ready For Some Backyard Fun

Maxi Booty – Ready For Some Backyard Fun

Anyway – It was a cool fall night and I needed some pecker and so I called the old bastard and asked if I could use his hot tub. I knew that he would long for to join me and I was looking forward to sucking and fucking the old man’s fat pecker. The old man started by peeling my underwear off and munching my wet little cunt until I could take no more – pulling him to the back of the hot tub, I started sucking on the old man’s fully erect penis, he moaned in pleasure as I teased the the tip of his penis with my tongue.   See me cream here.

Maxi Booty Sucking The Old Man's Fat Cock

Maxi Booty Sucking The Old Man’s Fat Cock

But I wanted to feel his pecker deep in the depths of my dripping wet cooch so we jumped out of the hot tub and headed for the tipi in the old man’s back yard. I think I love fucking in the tipi even more than I love fucking in the hot tub. The old man had the bed ready and the fire going so the tipi was toasty warm. Getting on my knees and putting my superior round booty in the air, my wet brown haired hair falling over my shoulders ans my nipples brushing on the sleeping bag, the old man starts fucking me from behind – doggie-style. As the old man slid his huge pecker into my wet warmth, I moaned, pushed back against his puffy pecker and he bagan fucking me harder – filling my tiny cunt with his huge pecker with every thrust.

The Old Man Fucks Me Doggie Style

The Old Man Fucks Me Doggie Style

After what seemed like hours, and multiple orgasms on my part, the old man dumped a over-sized load of hot sticky cream all over my tummy and breasts thenwent on to fuck me again – cumming the 2?nd time deep in my wet little cunt. I had just had sex in a tipi for the first time and it was wonderful!

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XOXOXOX –  Maxi Booty