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Maria Marez – Outdoor Amateur Sex

Real Colorado Girl Maria Marez just wanted to get a little sun at the lake but she ended up getting stuffed with the fat pecker of a dirty old man going for a walk. Lucky for us it’s all on shoot so we can all watch this sexy Mexican Girl coed displaying her unequaled teen body and then sucking and fucking the old bastard like a real pornstar.  The movie starts with Maria lying in the sun and enjoying the clear Colorado air. Richard Nailder soon approaches and it doesn’t take him long to get the young teen on her knees sucking his pecker.

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Maria Marez First Outdoor Sex

Taking his thick pecker as deep in her throat as she could manage, Maria gives the old man a flawless sloppy fellatio before climbing on top oh him and sliding his fat pecker slowly into her super-tight shaves teen pussy. Her unequaled natural cans shaking and her long brunette hair blowing in the breeze as she rides the old man’s pecker like a cowgirl rides her pony.

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Maria Marez Sucks pecker Outdoors

This old-n-young vid is just one of the flawless amateur shoots on Real Colorado Girl.

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Latina coed Maria Marez Fucking Outdoors

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Who Likes Rough Sex?

A few friends and I were talking about what constitutes “rough sex” and I was amazed at the twats responses – Only two of the guys had ever pulled a babes hair, choked her pulled her tits or choked a chick, puller her hair or slammed their dick so deep it put the chick in tears… well, I doubt any of them could have done the last one but hell, a little choking, scratching, hair pulling and ass whipping can be a lot of fun with the right person.

That’s when I pulled out this vid I had just re-edited of the super-sexy short young mom Violet Little. Bear in mind that I had only met Violet a few minutes before – she had never seen any of my work an I had never seen her naked – but we had instant chemistry and were soon fucking like animals – scratching, biting, choking, and banging the shit out of the petite chick with my fat dick. Yes – I had found a new star, Violet Little. In the first picture I was just getting to get a feel for what the sexy young mom wanted – grabbing her ample boobies, I pulled on the d-cups as I fucked her with my hand – she responded so I pressed on.  Download the full vid here.

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Violet Little Likes It Rough

This picture was taken as I fucked Violet missionary style – one unequaled thing about this position is you can get a LOT of depth and I was hitting bottom – making the cute brown haired teenager scream out in pained pleasure with each deep stroke of my throbbing dick. The full vid can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister.

Fucking Violet Little Till She Screams

Fucking Violet Little Till She Screams

Getting behind the short brown haired I grabbed her by the neck and fucked her as hard as I could doggie-style, choking her hard as my dick slammed deep into the depths of her pulsating vagina – Violet’s climax peaked shortly after this picture was taken. The full vid can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister.

Choking Violet Little As I Fuck Her Hard

Choking Violet Little As I Fuck Her Hard

You have no idea how wonderful such a sexy little teenager can feel on an old man’s dick but you can get an idea how much I was liking it by the mammoth load of cum caught flying at Violet’s face in this picture. When I was done, the short young mom was covered in cum – from her pulsating coed vagina, over her king-sized natural tits and all over her cute coed face. Download the full vid here.

Covering Violet Little In Cum

Covering Violet Little In Cum

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Gracelynn Moans Homemade Sex Films

OK – a few of my friends know that I have all of the original amateur smut footage of the cute new pornstar Gracelynn Moans and they have asked me to post more of her original shoots from Glass Mannequin on my blogs. Of course, you can visit Gracelynn for more but since this was one of her first shoots ever – and one of her real amateur homemade videos I thought I’d share it on this homemade sex video clip blog for you all to enjoy.

For those of you that don’t know Gracelynn yet, she’s a super-cute Colorado Girl that thought making smut videos would be fun and after her brother pimped her out in her first smut for Bring Me Your Sister, she went on to do a dozen or so more amateur videos with the guys at Glass Mannequin Productions. These vids of the cute Colorado teenager with the first-class fat cunt and nice round butt are just a few of the sex clips you will find of her on Glass Mannequin.

Now I know these are just short vids but I promise to pose more free video clip vids of Gracelynn over the next few days like I always do on this blog so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for more. In this video clip, Gracelynn had met up with Richard Nailder at the local park and they headed back to his place for some casual sex at his place. Stay tuned for the hardcore videos of her bending over the washing machine and taking every inch of her friend’s fat meat brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin.

For now, I’ll leave you with a free clip of Gracelynn masturbating in the laundry room with the help of her friend. Imagine your own hand fingering her dripping wet teen cunt as you hold the camera just inches away from her first-class pussy….. Imagine what it would feel like to slide your meat slowly into the warmth and wetness of here teen cunt….. now sign up for Glass Mannequin and download the entire homemade sex video clip to your computer to enjoy anytime you need your “Gracelynn Moans” fix.

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Maria Marez Amateur Porno

Maria Marez came to Bring Me Your Sister needing coin to pay her brother off so we handed her brother a camera and starting filming. It’s not every day that we get a teen as cute as Maria showing up at our doors and we where very excited to have this tattooed and pierced Latina as part of our site, Here are a few sample pictures of the cute Latina coed fucking as her brother shoots it – more free sister porno pictures can be found here: Free Sister porno hardcore sister porn I Fuck Old Farts Latina mariamarez nnts perky little tits pnts pierced tattooed grudge shaved tattooed brunette big fucking cock sloppy blow job small amateur girl next door teen

Maria Marez Filmed Fucking By Her Brother

Maria Marez Filmed Fucking By Her Brother

Maria didn’t lust after to become a porno star but a little extra coin to pay her brother back would be nice so here she was, on the couch at Bring Me Your Sister with her brother hovering over her with a camera filming his sister getting stuffed with a fat boner. No hardcore amateur porno is complete without stuffing the babes mouth with a fat boner and Maria took to boner-sucking like a fish takes to water. Wrapping her tiny hands around the old man’s boner, the cute Latina coed took the old man’s fat boner into her mouth the cute coed proceeded to give the old bastard the blow job of his life. Download the shoot here: Download Sister Porn

Maria Marez Sucking The Old Man's Fat Cock

Maria Marez Sucking The Old Man’s Fat Cock

But we came her to see tiny teenager coochies stuffed to the brim with boner so here’s a picture of Maria bent over the couch with her little pink cooder stuffed like a Christmas goose. . Download the shoot here: Download Sister Porn

Maria Marez Stuffed With A Fat Cock

Maria Marez Stuffed With A Fat Cock

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First Time Filmed

And by her brother……  WTF? Jager Nightly hadn’t planned on becoming a smut-star that night but her brother had a different idea as he knocked on the door of the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister – half hour later, Jager was undressed in front of her brother as he filmed her sucking on the old man’s throbbing meat in his sister’s first-ever bj video.

Jager Nightly filmed by her brother

Jager Nightly Filmed By Her Brother

But her brother wanted to film his sister fucking, after all, that’s what one does when he drags his sister to Bring Me Your Sister – he vids his sister fucking. And that’s just what I lust after to see… his skinny black sister bent over with her petite ass in the air, her colossal natural cans swaying under her as a pale older man slowly stuffs white meat into his sister’s petite black beaver.

Filming His Sister Taking Her First White Cock

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Spoiled Old Man

Gracelynn Moans had been a friend and lover for some time when she showed up with her 18-year-old girlfriend Maria Marez desiring to test out the new massage table Marria had “earned” in her first Bring Me Your Sister vid so I set up a few cameras and captured the two sexy teenagers in what turned out to be a pretty nasty massage scene for Real Colorado Girls.

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Spoiled Old Man

It didn’t take these two supple teens long to figure out that the way to win a man’s heart is to suck his dick. Taking turns, Gracelynn and Maria soon had the old man hard enough to split cooder – which you can see in the free amateur smut vid gallery or by downloading the full video.

Old Man Getting Head

Old Man Getting Head

The sexy 18-year-old Latina chick Maria Marez was the first of the two to get her cooder split as her blonde girlfriend filmed the old man’s throbbing dick slowly slide into the cute teen’s wet little cunt – Gracelynn imagined how full her girlfriend must feel and envied her pleasure as the old man fucked her girlfriend – but she knew it would soon be her turn and she also knew she would be able to see the vid on Real Colorado Girls

Old Man Fucks Two Sexy Teens

Old Man Fucks Two Sexy Teens

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