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It’s Bigger Than She Is

Seeing large things in dainty hands is always a turn-on and in this photo set that I just put up on Real Colorado Girls, you can see the dainty Delilah Daze holding a clip camera (and later a fat erection) that appears to bigger than she is. For those of you that have never seen the 4’10? Delilah take a good-sized erection deep in her dainty little cunt, this photo set of  271 high-quality images will be a real treat. maybe not quite the treat it was making them but hell, it’s the second best thing to being there.

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It’s Bigger Than She Is

Of course, what good is a dainty coed teen if you can’t make out with her a little first. Sure, some  don’t like kissing older men but not Delilah. This naughty Colorado native enjoys sex with older men – especially if she can video it and watch it later.

Old man sticks his fingers in a teenagers cunt

Fat Old Fingers Stuffed In A dainty coed Cunt

But to really appreciate this dwarf coed, you need to see sucking and fucking my good-sized old erection – hell, the damn thing is practically bigger than she is – but that doesn’t stop this lovely little brunette from taking my good-sized erection balls-deep in her dainty little cunt – only on Real Colorado Girls.

Petite teenager sucks an older man's huge cock

Petite coed Delilah Daze Sucks My Fat Cock

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Dakota Lay – Only Smut Video

Dakota Lay is friends with one of our regular models and after watching her girlfriend have so much fun on camera this tall Colorado teenager decided she wanted to see what it’s like to be in front of the camera. Too bad she thought the only way to “audition” with us was to fuck up her brother’s stuff so he could video her on Bring Me Your Sister – but then again, maybe she wanted her brother holding a camera only inches from her eager teen pussy……

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Dakota Lay Lets Her Brother video Her smut Audition

Teens auditioning for their brother’s – only on Bring Me Your Sister

Vengeance’s A Bimbo

It all started with his sister ruining his wheels’s upholstery and it ended with his sister wiping cream all over him during her first-ever smut shoot for Bring Me Your Sister, revenge’s a cum dumpster! When Cadee Corell’s brother called saying his sister had wrecked the upholstery in his wheels I had no idea the cute teen in braces had decided that it was OK to have period-sex in the back seat of his wheels. I don’t blame him for being pissed and for longing for the bucks to reupholster his wheels so I had no problem fucking his sister hard and giving her brother the bucks she would have earned in her first-ever smut shoot available only on Bring Me Your Sister.

Payback's A Bitch

I don’t even blame her brother for filming it all so we could post it on Bring Me Your Sister but I’ll be dammed – his sister managed to get him back when she wiped my cream all over her sick fucking brother as revenge for filming her in her first-ever smut shoot – only on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Girl Cumming While Fucking

There’s something about watching (and hearing) babes cumming that turns men on and watching this scene of Indica Young cumming while fucking has to turn on any red-blooded man – and probably a lot of women too. I liked this scene so much I downloaded the full video and it’s impeccable how many times this petite young mom climaxes. One orgasm after another as she rides the fat schlong of her partner, at times it’s hard to tell when one orgasm ends and the next one stops. Download the full video and watch this cute blonde babes breathing, the way she flushes, the way her muscles tense as she climaxes multiple times. Then close your eyes, turn up the sound and imagine it’s your schlong buried deep in this cute blonde babes tight pulsating muff as you listen to her cumming on your throbbing manhood – I did and it was fucking impeccable ;) And buddy – it was her brother filming her having all these orgasms – Only on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Fucked From Behind

Just finished reviewing another video of the hard-bodied coed Acasha Binito and picked this small scene of her with her little coed ass poised to take a fat cock from behind.  The movie started with Acasha rubbing one out and ends with her getting fucked while covered in semen with some exquisite cock-sucking, ass-rubbing and eating pussy in the middle – there were even more than a few female orgasms in the middle as this orgasmic coed gets fucked hard by her friend.

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Acasha Binito Fucked From Behind

Piper Brady Takes A Fat Old Erection

Piper Brady showed up ready to fuck but she had no idea the old man she was meeting at the hotel had such a fat penis and she was just itching to feel it’s massive girth stretch her little beaver to it’s limits. But first the old man’s fat penis deserved a little mouth-love so the cute brunette teenager ran her pierced tongue across the head of the old man’s cock before engulfing it’s entire length in her warm wet mouth. Download the movie and picsview the free trailer or see the free gallery.

Piper Brady Sucks The Old Man's Fat Cock

Piper Brady Sucks The Old Man’s Fat Cock

Of course – we all hunger for to see if the luscious teenager whore Piper Brady can fit that old man’s fat penis in her dainty little beaver so Piper…. put that phat teenager booty in the air, let your good-sized titties hang, and back your sexy round ass onto the old man’s fat old penis – push back till you feel the his fat penis balls-deep in your dainty little cunt – then repeat………. That’s right – fuck the old bastard like the teenage cum dumpster you are and I’ll put the movie on Glass Mannequin for everyone to jerk off to.

Piper Brady "Backs It Up" For The Old Man

Piper Brady “Backs It Up” For The Old Man

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