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Brother And Sister Make A Porn VIdeo

Few things in life piss me off more than when my stupid fucking sister wrecks my shit. The bitch never makes it right and the little cunt still thinks she can take my things and use them when she wants. Well, I’d had enough when my sister fucked up my video camera. I adore making videos and so when I saw this guy’s add in the paper, I told the little cunt she was going to “earn” me a new camera – of course, I didn’t tell her exactly how she was going to earn it. We showed up at the blokes house that ran the paper and I explained what a little cunt my sister was. The guy was extremely understanding and quickly explained that he would pay for my camera if my little sister would make a porno.

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I was a bit shocked at how easy it was to talk the little slut into making the porn – she didn’t eve flinch when the old guy told her that he would be fucking her and I would be filming it. I think the little slut wanted me to see here nice little shaved pussy. In actuality – it was a lot more fun for me than I thought it would be. Watching that old bastard slide his fingers in and out of my sister’s shaved pussy got me really fucking horny.

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I could tell she was a good fuck because the old guy fucking my sister was really enjoying it. He would grab my sister’s round bum as he pounded his huge cock in her sloppy damp shaved pussy. It was kind of hard to hold the camera steady with so much hot fucking going on but I think I did a pretty fucking good job. I can’t wait to get a copy of the video I made so I could show my friends what a slut my little sister is. And the best part – I have a new camera of my own so I can film the little slut secretly now.

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Sure you can see the entire video – just check out the old blokes website at www.bringmeyoursister.com

Russian Teen Sucks Cock

Russian Teen Sucks CockKsusha has known for quite some time that her mother’s boyfriend has been wanting to fuck her. One afternoon, she was pissed off at her mom and at her boyfriend because he left her. She was in need of a good fuck and what better way to piss her mom off than to sleep with her boy toy. Ksusha played the game well as she sat in her room sobbing and depressed because life sucks. Just a she thought, her mother’s boyfriend decided to play the nice guy and decide to console her when all he really wanted to do was fuck the hell out of that sweet teen Russian pussy. Things went right on track and Ksusha’s little seductive revenge plan worked.