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Old geezer hot teen

Old geezer hot teen
Krista got to spend the night at her favorite uncle’s house; well Vlad isn’t really her uncle just an extremely good friend of her dads. These two have been flirting and touching each other on the sly for months but now is the perfect chance for them to fuck. And fuck they do! This barely legal hottie with the pretty pussy and nice tits works the old Vlad’s cock for all she is worth. This is a fucking HOT video!

Teen Kitchen Sex – Old-N-Young

Teen Kitchen Sex
When Luda spends the night at her best friend’s house to get over the breakup with her boyfriend she ends up not being able to sleep. So she goes into the kitchen to drink so vodka when in walks her best friend’s dad comes along with a whole new way to get her move on. She drunkenly sucks and fucks this old geezer’s cock until he blows his sticky load of cum all over her face.