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Fucking My Sister’s Shaved Teen Pussy

I fucking got to video it! I mean, I got to video this old bastard fucking my sister’s shaved teen cunt! My stupid small sister dropped my laptop and wrecked it but the small cunt had no way to pay me back. When I read the add in the paper, I knew what I was going to do – and unless the small cunt could pay me back some other way, she was going to fuck on camera for the first time – and fortunate me was going to get to hold one of the camera’s. I’d never made sister porn before!

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Now I’m not sure if it’s normal for a brother to want to watch his sister having sex – but for me, it was payback time! Filming my sister get fucked by an old dude was payback indeed – maybe if she pisses me off again, I’ll show the video to her precious daddy! He should just fucking adore that.

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Anyway, my small sister didn’t have much of a choice so she did let me video her fucking. It was a small weird at first watching this dude’s large dick hammering her tiny teen cunt but I did my job and held the camera. Before the shoot, I had no idea how cute my sister’s teen cunt was. The small bitch has a lusty small puffy teen twat and she even keeps it shaved real nice. I must say, I made some pretty hot sister porn that day.

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The old man was having a pretty good time eating and fucking her puffy small cunt but her kept making wise ass comments to me about me watching my sister getting fucked. I mean really, he’s the pervert fucking my sister, not me! Well, after what seamed like forever, the old dude pulls his dick out of her puffy teen cunt and shoots a huge load of hot cum all over her tight teen belly. It was fucking hot making sister porn – and I got enough cash to fix my computer – awesome! If you want to check out the video I made of my sister, I had it posted at www.bringmeyoursister.com

Butterfly Fucks Her First Old Man

Butterfly PornButterfly has one of the cutest teen pussies that I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck. I met Butterfly at a local filling station – her car had overheated and she was in tears, she needed to get to work but she had no way there. I offered Butterfly a ride and the rest is history.

Butterfly did her first amateur porn shoot the next day so that she could earn the money to fix her car. Over the next few weeks, I took hundreds of nasty pictures and made dozens amateur porn videos of this hard body teen slut. In the middle of shooting her second amateur nude pic shoot, Butterfly asked how she could earn even more money – naturally I offered her the chance to do a hardcore video with me – now, I’m 30 years older than Butterfly and kind of an old fart but she agreed to fuck me anyway. We were alone so we set up the cameras and in the kitchen and I proceeded to fuck her tight teen pussy as hard as I could – at one point, I even handed her the camera so I could fuck her harder. Pulling her hair as I fucked her from behind, she moaned in pleasure and begged me to choke her a bit. Who am I to say no to a horny teenage slut. After her 2nd orgasm, I shot a huge load of old man cum on her tight teen pussy and let it drip slowly out. Butterfly is one of the finest teen pussies I have ever fucked.

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Brother Films Sister As She Fucks An Old Man

I video My Sister FuckingI really pissed my brother off when I wrecked his guitar however for him to employ me out for a porno was a bit too much!It wouldn’t have been so bad fucking the old bastard on video however my pervert for a brother had to stay while I was getting fucked – the little cock-sucker even filmed it.

My brother and I never really got along – he’s always telling on me, claiming I stole something from him or blaming me fore something I didn’t do. Well this time, I got caught red-handed! I was fucking around and I trashed his new guitar – he had a friend that can read (my brother’s a stupid fuck) and his friend saw some add in the paper for a way to exact a little revenge on your sister. regardless, my brother’s friend talked him into dragging my butt over to this Papa guy’s house so I could earn a few bucks to pay him back. That little fucker didn’t even tell me I was going to need to fuck the old guy!

When we got there, this old pervert answered the door and explained to me how I was to earn the money to pay for my brother’s guitar – I was supposed to fuck him as my brother filmed it. Now, my little brother is a fucking prevert however where does he get off watching (and filming) his sister fuck? Fucking little pervert probably got off watching his little sister take that old man’s huge cock! The old man was pleasant enough – shit he should e – he got to stick his hard old cock in my tight teen cunt and fuck me till I shuddered and climaxed. He then shot a load of hot cum all over my belly – however not without shooting a good portion of his cum in my little teen cunt – the fucker called it a “teen creampie” and rubbed it in with his finger.

So I guess I’m a porn star now – LOL. maybe I’ll go back and fuck the old bastard again – this time, with out my brother – after all, a sister has to have her fun too.

I Fucked This Hairy Old bastard

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I like older hairy men and when this old man wanted to fuck me I thought “what the hell” and got right down to business. Sucking the old farts cock was a lot of fun cuz I could tell he was really enjoying it. I’ll bet this old man doesn’t get teen pussy very often and he tried real hard not to cum too soon but when I sat onto his old pecker, her just about blew his load of hot cum inside my tight teen pussy. I laughed ad I kept riding him – knowing how good it must feel to feel my warn cunt as he played with my firm teen breasts. Lucky old bastard got to funk my 18-year old pussy – bet you want to too…. I had a friend film it all so you should really check out the old-n-young porn and see how horny these old codgers get.